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Thread: Reset Buttons?

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    Reset Buttons?

    Hi All,

    I have created a Transformation activity for my students. Currently the only way I know to reset their work from class to class is to make them promise not to save anything they have changed on the file. Being 11 year olds this doesn't always get through to them.

    Does anyone know of a way to create a tool or movement that will move a triangle back to its original vertices?

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    To move a triangle ABC back to some sort of canonical position, do this:

    - create three new points, say DEF, and position them exactly where you'd like ABC to "move back to"

    - select, alternately, a vertex to move and a destination to which to move it. So, in this case, select in order A, D, B, E, C, F. (The order implies "A moves to D, while B moves to E, while C moves to F.")

    - then choose Edit | Action Buttons | Movement. In the dialog box that appears, you can choose a speed for your motion, as well as a new label for the button (e.g. "Reset").

    - Once you've created the button, you can hide points D, E, and F so that your students don't see them.

    A different approach you might want to take is to "lock the file." This is not a Sketchpad feature, but both MacOS and Windows permit you to lock a file so that no one can save changes to it inadvertently. That sounds like what you want in this case!

    Good luck,

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    Nick, Thank you! It never occurred to me to lock the file! So simple.

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