A user recently inquired, "I am teaching calculus class. Is there a way to shade regions between curves?" The answer is yes: there's a terrific set of graphing tools available on the Sketchpad Resource Center. From Sketchpad, choose Help | Online Resource Center | General Resources | Advanced Sketch Gallery, and click on Toolkits. Then download the Graphing Toolkit. The attached picture shows the type of result you'll get.
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This toolkit contains a number of other very useful tools (roots, intersections, minima, maxima, tangents, etc.), and it even comes with a pdf manual that explains both how to use it and how the various tools work.

Here's the direct URL to the toolkit itself: http://www.dynamicgeometry.com/docum...ng_Toolkit.gsp

And here's the direct URL to the manual: http://www.dynamicgeometry.com/Docum...ng_Toolkit.pdf