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Thread: Controlling Animation Speed by Slider or Parameter

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    Controlling Animation Speed by Slider or Parameter

    I had another very interesting question from a user two days ago that I'd like to share here. He wanted to use a slider to control the speed of an animation. Certainly, you can use the Motion Controller for this purpose, but it doesn't feel the same, and other elements of the sketch cannot change the setting of the motion controller. So I made a sketch: I started with an animation controlled by an action button, and I hooked up a slider to control its speed. I've enclosed the sketch, but it may be more interesting (and fun) to take a look at the video showing how I did it:


    This technique can be used to control animation on a segment, ray, line, circle, or polygon, and you can adapt it to control the speed by slider, parameter, or any calculation or measurement from another part of the sketch.
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