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Thread: Please, Let me know the reason about following ERROR ...

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    Exclamation Please, Let me know the reason about following ERROR ...

    I found error.. The GSP file in Desktop is correct coordinates value, but Sketch for IPAD is incorrect coordinates value.

    The distance with two points is longger than Difference with two points At IPAD

    I'll presentation after 6 days. but ....

    I'm said..
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    Hi Hojae,

    The issue you're running into is that measurements are done first in pixels and Windows and Mac OS use different pixels-per-inch (or dpi) conversions. In this case, Sketchpad Explorer is using the same dpi settings as Mac OS. If you were to save the sketch on a Mac and open it on the iPad, the measurements would be the same, and indeed if you changed the Units in Preferences to Pixels and saved the measurement would be the same on Windows, Mac and iPad.

    One way to fix the issue for you is:

    1. On the Windows desktop, choose Edit | Preferences | Units and set the distance unit to inches. (This makes the resolution numbers nice and round, in pixels per inch.)

    2. Now hold the Shift key and choose Edit | Advanced Preferences | System and set the screen resolution to 72.0 pixels per inch.

    3. Restart Sketchpad on the desktop.

    Now the sketches he exports from Windows to the iPad will show the same measurements on both.

    This is a fundamental incompatibility between the two platforms: the nominal DPI settings differ, 72 on Mac and 96 on Windows. Do note, however, that now a Windows printout at 100% would have all its measurements (when compared with measurements made using a ruler) off by that 3:4 ratio.

    That is, in fact, the only disadvantage to the three steps above: the result is that Sketchpad on the Windows computer now considers 72 pixels to represent an inch, whereas printouts, pasted images, etc. will disagree (instead using the Windows 96 dpi standard). Because of this, you may want to go back and set your screen resolution back to 96 dpi when you are done creating the sketches for your iPad.

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