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Thread: Constructing sketch that reverts to original

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    Constructing sketch that reverts to original

    I would like to know how to construct sketches for students to use but you can always reset to the original sketch.


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    I would recommend saving a master copy in another location. If students don't save their work while manipulating the sketch, it will revert to the original after they close it. But you should keep the master copy in case they accidentally save their changes.

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    Jane, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to have a Reset button in the sketch that restores everything to its original configuration, you can generally do that in two steps. First, restore any points that the student may have dragged, by creating Movement buttons to move those points back to their original locations. (You'll need to construct points at those original locations to serve as the targets of the Movement button; once you've made the button you can hide these target points.) If the sketch includes objects that the student can show or hide, you can similarly create additional Hide/Show buttons to restore these objects to their original state. (Hide/Show buttons by default toggle between Hide and Show, so be sure to use the Properties of the Hide/Show button to make it a hide button or a show button depending on the desired effect.) Once you've made the Movement and Hide/Show buttons you need to restore the state of the sketch, select them and create a Presentation button. Name the Presentation button "Reset," hide the buttons it presents, and you have your Reset button.

    Elizabeth's answer is fine if you don't mind reopening the original sketch to reset it, and is particularly useful if you have a way of either locking the original file, or of storing the original file on a server where students don't have write access. Either method will keep students from modifying the original file.


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