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Thread: Using GSP Explorer via an LCD projector

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    Using GSP Explorer via an LCD projector

    Am I able to project GSP explorer on an LCD projector? I attached my iPad to the projector, am able to project keynote and other apps but not GSP explorer. Is GSP explorer enabled so that I can project it and if so, what do I need to do to project GSP explorer?

    Many thanks

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    Yes, you absolutely should be able to project Sketchpad Explorer on an LCD projector, and it should work automatically. Our tech support person is away until early next week, but he will investigate when he returns.


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    Hi EMD,

    As Daniel says, this should absolutely work. Can you say a bit more about your setup and the behavior that you're seeing? I assume that you are using an iPad 2 with Apple's projection adaptor connected to some kind of projector (the model of projector is probably not important). Is there anything about my assumption that is wrong?

    When you say it doesn't work, what happens? Does the projector project a blank screen, go into sleep mode, or something else? Does Sketchpad Explorer display correctly on your iPad screen while you're trying to project? In our experience, the iPad just projects whatever is on its screen - the Home screen, or any app you launch. Is this what you're experiencing?

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    Hi. I am using an iPad 1 with a NEC projector. When I attach the iPad, the screen is blank. When I play a keynote file, the presentation shows otherwise I am unable to project anything. Any suggestions?
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    The iPad 1 does not support mirroring, so most apps do not support projecting from it. Keynote happens to be one of the few exceptions (along with video apps, like YouTube). That's also why the screen appears blank while projecting - the image can only be in one place at a time.

    You can project Sketchpad Explorer from an iPad 2, which does support mirroring.

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    I found out that the app needs to support video output and it can project on the iPad 1. Maybe the video output code can be added to the app so that I am able to project it. If the app has the code for the video out it will work. Is this possible?
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    I'll pass the request on to the development team for consideration in a future version of Sketchpad Explorer.

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    Thanks. There are many IPad 1 users with this dilemma.

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