This discussion forum is for questions, suggestions, and support related to Sketchpad Explorer for iPad. More general questions about Sketchpad or specific sketches (Sketchpad documents) should be posted to other forums.

About Sketchpad Explorer
With Sketchpad Explorer, you can use an iPad to quickly and conveniently access a world of Dynamic Geometry investigation—you can open, manipulate, and explore any sketch made with the desktop version of Sketchpad. (If you do not already use The Geometer’s Sketchpad for desktop computers and would like to know more, click here.) Sketchpad Explorer is completely compatible with sketches created with Version 5 of The Geometer’s Sketchpad, and is largely compatible with earlier versions of The Geometer’s Sketchpad as well.

What Sketchpad Explorer Can Do
If you’re familiar with the desktop version of Sketchpad, you’ll find that multi-touch capability, finger-based dynamic manipulation, and simplified interface allows Sketchpad Explorer to offer new opportunities and capabilities for exploration. Users can even manipulate multiple objects separately and simultaneously—this enables rich explorations of mathematical motion and dependency, while permitting learners to collaborate (or compete!) in mathematical exploration. However, Sketchpad Explorer doesn’t allow users to make new constructions using the tools and menus available in the desktop version of Sketchpad. Therefore, some Sketchpad sketches are better suited to iPad exploration than others.

Finding Sketchpad Explorer Sketches
In this Sketch Exchange, authors can use the ipad tag or the iPad Compatible checkbox to indicate sketches that are especially suited for use on the iPad. From Sketchpad Explorer, you can easily access these sketches through the Library button. From within Sketch Exchange, you can access the sketches by choosing ipad from the Browse by Tag feature on the Browse tab (or click here).

Making Your Own Sketchpad Explorer Sketches
If you use the desktop version of Sketchpad and are interested in creating sketches optimized for the iPad, read the "Guidelines for iPad Sketch Design" post in this forum.

If you do not already use Sketchpad Explorer and would like to know more, click here.