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    Sorry for my English. Help, please! Does anyone know how to make a sound in the GSP 5 limited specified period of time? Thank you!

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    I assume you're using an Action Button to play the sound implied by some function f(t).

    One way to silence it after a certain amount of time, say after 5 seconds, is to "design your function" so that f(t)=0 when t>5. By bringing the amplitude to zero, you bring the volume to zero. You could use piecewise functions to combine your original f(t) with some g(t) = 0 such that h(t) = f(t: t<5) or g(t: t>5). Let me know if you'd like more info on this approach.

    Another way, given a SOUND button #1, is to create a PRESENTATION button#2 that "presents" SOUND button#1. Then set the Button's Presentation Properties to "Stop After: Elapsed Time [5 seconds]". Hide your original Sound button (which plays your function indefinitely) and use the Presentation button instead (which interrupts the original button after 5 seconds).


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    Oh, thank you very much! At the time parameter in the presentation I did not pay attention.

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    Dear Nick, can you know how to use the button to reset the parameter? Here's an example. Sorry that in Russian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janka View Post
    Dear Nick, can you know how to use the button to reset the parameter?
    By "reset the parameter," do you mean "set its value to zero?" If so, it sounds like you want a Movement Button. These can move points to specific locations or parameters to specific values. To create them, select PAIRS of objects -- the first is the point or parameter to change, and the second defines the "destination" location or value to which to change the first. You can select multiple pairs simultaneously, and mix pairs of points with pairs of parameters. Then construct a button (Edit | Action Buttons | Movement). After making the button, you can hide the "destination" objects.

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    Dear Nick, thank you very much! You helped me a lot.

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