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Thread: Please Help with Dragon Fractals!!!

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    Please Help with Dragon Fractals!!!

    Can someone please help me construct a Dragon fractal in GSP. I am a graduate student in math edu program and I need to present on this, but I just can't seem to find it. I googled this subject but all I get is pretty images of fractals and other fractal related things but not the dragon fractal. Youtube doesn't have dragon fractals and how to do it in GSP. If anyone can help me on this I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Dragon Fractal

    Here's a nice and simple way to construct a dragon curve, courtesy of Nick:

    Start with a segment AB

    a) Edit | Select All
    b) Transform | Rotate ... type 90 degrees and then ROTATE
    c) Double-click the newly-created "far" endpoint of the emerging dragon curve to mark it as the new center of rotation
    d) Go to step (a).

    Eventually you'll have to shorten your initial segment to keep the curve within the visible sketch window.

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    Here is sketch with a different way to construct Dragon Fractals (not as simple, but it lets you specify the iteration depth).
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