The long reach excavators are superior to the typical excavators in many special construction cases, but if you already have one excavator, you’d better modify the old one with extended boom rather than purchase a new digger.

The long reach or high reach excavatorcan be classified into different categories. According to its usages, the long reach excavators can be used in building demolition, pile driving, deep and long distance digging in sand and gravel pits, clearing of sluggish rivers and ponds etc. Judging from the number of extended sections, there are two-section, three-section long reach excavators, more sections long reach boom that can also be found but rarely used. Meanwhile, in light of the boom performance, the long reach booms of excavators are fixed, flexible or telescopic.

When you choose a long reach medium excavator, the first thing is to know the demand of your construction conditions. Two-section long reach excavators are usually used in earthmoving works, deep foundation and ditches, and dredging rivers, while three-section long reach or high reach excavators are widely used in multi-storey building demolition projects. The long reach boom can be refitted to the old excavators with standard joint. If you are planning to convert a newly purchased excavator, you should ask the manufacturer to renovate it for you. In this way, the quality and after-sales maintenance of your renovated long reach excavator can be assured. If you excavator has already been used for no more than half of its service life, it’s suggested to refit it to a long reach excavator, otherwise, the older the excavator is the less possibility for it to deliver the expected performance.