China Construction Machinery Association’s excavator machinery branch comes up with a definition of small size excavators. The total machine weight of small excavators should be less than 13T and the total machine weight of mini-excavators should less than 6T. A small excavator is composed of structural assembly, covering parts assembly, running gear, slewing gear, hydraulic system, power system, electric system and air conditioning equipment. And the core parts are the hydraulic system and power system.

Small size excavators are mainly used for small earth and stone engineering, municipal engineering, pavement rehabilitation, concrete broken, cable burring, tap water pipe laying, garden cultivation and country river dredging engineering. small excavators not only share some functions of medium excavators, but also has advantages of low fuel consumption, flexibility, wide application range, high efficiency, and high suitableness for the construction work in the very narrow space.

Small excavators have the unique advantages of low price, light weight, convenient maintenance, and are popular among users for its small and exquisite, flexible, multi-functional, and high efficient features. Sany excavators have a wide application range as they can move very flexible and suitable for various pipe digging in the cities or towns, and can even work in some foundation construction, public service and house repairing. Also, small excavators are easy to transport and transfer from one site to another. At last but not least, mini excavators ensure a very high investment rate of return as most of small excavators are not expensive so you can get the cost back very quickly.