Sany provided 60 units of concrete machines, pile-driving machines and cranes to the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HZMB) Bridge, the world’s longest cross sea bridge, over the past seven years. The 55,000 m HZMB Bridge will connect Hong Kong on the east bank of the Pearl River Delta to Zhuhai and Macao on the west bank, significantly cut the travel time and distance among the regions.

Sany’s 12 trailer pumps, 12 placing booms, 10 truck mixers and 1 batching plant are put in use for the Island & Tunnel Project of HZMB Bridge contracted by Chinese Communications Construction Company, building one large immersed tunnel and two deep sea artificial islands. Besides, 22 sets of Sany machines and 2180 production lines undertook the Link Road Project in Zhuhai region for the customer China Railway 18 Bureau.

Sany concrete pumps usually run for two or three days without stop pumping the concrete tubes during the immersed tunnels construction, and Sany machines play an important role in the artificial islands construction, helping embed 120 super large steel cylinders deep into the sea bottom and creating a miracle to build an island within one year.

The HZMB Bridge is the most difficult engineering works on overall basis among similar works in the world because it has to use offshore artificial islands to achieve transition between a deeply immersed tunnel of 6.7 km and a bridge of 22.9 km. sany concrete pump, placing booms, mixer trucks displayed great performance at water area with complicated navigation environment. Despite the challenging construction, harsh weather, high sea corrosion and humidity, Sany’s equipment performed well and service engineers worked hard to ensure a smooth running of all the machines.