On July 8, 2016, Sany new product release of the environmental protection intelligent off highway trucks was held in Sany Changsha Industrial Park. Hundreds of people participated in the exhibition and Sany leaders attended the ceremony. This dump truck was developed by Changsha government and Sany Heavy Industry together. Though this is the first dump truck that produced by Sany Heavy Industry, Sany has extremely excellent research and develop team.

Zhang Kejun, the responsible person of Sany environmental protection intelligent dump truck project, the director of Sany Huqi Research Institute, introduced that, Sany has made dual optimization on dynamical combination and truck weight. On one hand, it realizes dynamical system optimal matching, and lower fuel consumption with digital simulation and experiment. On the other hand, it reduces fuel consumption by 3%-8% compared to products of same kinds in the market throough structure optimization, lightweight design and bench test. This environmental protection intelligent dump truck, powered by hydraulic pressure mode, can freely stretch with strong force and fast speed. What’s more, the machine can work as a grader, which Sany Heavy Industry especially applied a patent for this. Mining truck for sale