The Vietnam Road and Bridge Corporation purchased Sany’s three pavers and three road rollers in 2013 for the Hanoi-Haipong expressway roadbed construction and one asphalt plant in 2014 for asphalt pavement construction. The Vietnam Hanoi-Haipong expressway was the first expressway in the northern Vietnam. This project includes 10 sections with a total length of 150 km. There are two ways with four lanes in each way on the expressway. The total width of the expressway is 32m with 16m on each way.

This project used one LB4000B asphalt plant, two SMP90C pavers, one SMP90EC paver and 2 YZC13F double drum road rollers of Sany. The LB4000B asphalt plant is the first biggest asphalt plant SANY sold in the global market. To ensure the smooth installation and normal operation of the machinery, the branch of SANY in Vietnam sent one installation and adjustment engineer and one service engineer to the construction site to provide real time service for 3 months.

After two-month installation and adjustment, the asphalt plant was ready to use. On July 10, 2014, the engineers came to the site very early and conducted the final inspection of the asphalt plant to confirm all operation switches worked normally, cleaned the mixing engine, and checked if there was any leakage in all pipelines.

After two-hour inspection, no abnormality was found and everything was ready. The test run of the asphalt plant started at 10:00 am. The machinery operated normally with the first tank of asphalt concrete being mixed and discharged successfully. Good performance dispelled customers’ worries and doubts away. Sany’s two engineers were approved because of their efforts and services. paving machine also can be used in road construction project.

To ensure the normal operation in the whole construction period, Sany sent three engineers to the job site and addressed problems timely. The asphalt plant satisfactorily completed the production task of the roadbed with a production of 256,000 tons after 800-hours normal operation