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Thread: Sketch Exchange FAQs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skate1168 View Post
    Also, add this to the FAQ:

    Q: What are "breadcrumbs"?
    A: Breadcrumbs are the links near the top of the page that tell where you are in the forum. Double click the image below for a visual.

    Attachment 40
    I think you're correct that "navigation links" is more clear. I'll edit the FAQ to clarify it.


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    How do I upload my sketches to the exchange? I only see a place to upload a screen shot of the file, but not the file itself.

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    Uploading a sketch

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Step 2.jpg
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ID:	47Hi,

    It looks like you figured it out, since I see you've uploaded a few sketches––thanks! Just in case others have the same question: Go to My Files and choose New. In Step 2, you upload your sketch and any associated documents, like PDFs or Word docs with instructions. You can also include a link. In the attached screenshot, it's the first "browse" button.

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