SANY cranes have won the recognition of customers and occupied a large market share. The outstanding quality, advanced research and technology, super service are the reasons why SANY cranes can gain a high reputation.
To meet the increasing demand for cranes in the market, SANY has put more focus on R&D and innovation, especially the medium and large-tonnage cranes.
A representative of SANY truck crane, STC250H features high efficiency and low fuel consumption. STC250H has stronger compatible capability, and can be matched with different engines. Therefore, customers can choose the engine according to their preference and habits. STC250H adopts hydraulic rotary system, providing sufficient power to the machine. The chassis is a whole-set design, reducing the complexity of maintaining the machine. The full-view window in the cab provides a wide horizon for the operator, and the design of the chair matches with ergonomics, providing the operator a good driving experience.

SANY initiative GCP remote control platform can monitor the machine in a long distance and give real-time feedback. With GCP remote control system, operator can get the accurate feedback immediately when errors are found, reducing unnecessary damages.
The arm of STC250H is the longest among SANY cranes, which is 39.5m, and the maximum lifting height is 48m, the maximum driving speed can reach 80km/h.
In addition, STC250H adopts fully new hydraulic rotary system, which can make stable rotary and complete double -directions operating. And the responding control function can strictly control the lifting range and stability, keeping the machine safe in any working environment.
STC250H is one of Sany truck cranes, and more SANY hosting machinery include crawler cranes and tower cranes having the same outstanding performance, visit SANY official website if you want to know more details.