Equipment manufacturing is the core business of Sany group, the main products of which include concrete pump machinery, road machinery, excavating machinery, piling machinery, mobile crane machinery, crawler crane machinery, mining machinery, port machinery, wind equipment, and precision machine tool series products. These products are exported to 120 countries and regions around the world. The wind equipment, excavating machinery, large-tonnage hoisting machinery, mining machinery, full series of road machinery, piling machinery, and mobile port machinery rank No 1 in China. The Concrete Pumping machinery ranks No 1 in the world.
Insisting with the belief of service creates value, Sany global attaches importance to service. Full sets of solutions will be provided for each customer including machine assembling, operation training, siting, financing service and maintenance support. We provide on-site training for all Sany products to ensure that customers understand our latest innovations in design and capability as well as master the knowledge of equipment controls. sany global established 6S centers all over the world to provide after-sale support for customers, the maintenance technician will be at your service at the first time as long as you need them. The ECC enterprise control center can realize real-time monitoring to the equipment conditions, through which the breakdown can be removed in long distance. The GCP system can help customers monitor the equipment operating conditions, fuel consumption conditions, equipment location, moving tracking in long distance. The CSM system can track online service to provide support to customers all over the world.