Hi everyone,

For the past year or so, I've been posting on Sketch Exchange, giving updates on Web Sketchpad, a new technology we're developing at McGraw Hill Education/KCP Technologies that brings the power of Sketchpad to the web.

Web Sketchpad is still under development, but you can see samples of it on the blog that I maintain with Scott Steketee: http://blog.keycurriculum.com.

We've just begun a beta test of Web Sketchpad with a handful of Sketchpad users. As part of the trial period, our beta testers are allowed to use Web Sketchpad for non-commercial purposes, like creating interactive materials for blogs, classroom web pages, and online articles. Our testers are also reporting bugs to us and letting us know in general what they think about Web Sketchpad's functionality.

We're considering now whether to expand our beta test this fall to include more users. If you're interested, drop me a line at dscher (at) kcptech.com so that I can put you on a list. I can't make promises, but it would be helpful to know who is interested.


Daniel Scher