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Thread: Requests for Posts

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    I teach an introduction to computers class and we have Sketchpad on our computers. I have been trying to find some materials/instructions on how to create different files. I found step-by-step directions on how to make Ferris wheels, solar systems, and kaleidoscopes. Other than these 3, most of what I have found are downloadable .gsp files already set up, where students click on a button and everything is done for them. I would like to have some step-by-step directions on how to create .gsp files.

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    Requests for Posts

    Post to this thread if there is a particular activity or set of instructions that you would love to see posted by a member of the Sketchpad community, or, if you have posted something that satisfies a request.

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    @TeacherJ: If your interested in GSP generally, you may want to look at the tutorials that come with Geometer's Sketchpad. They're rather detailed and have several different examples. To find these tutorials, open Sketchapd, go to "Help," and then click on "Learning Center."

    Is there something specific that you want to know how to do that isn't covered in the tutorials?

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    Thanks for the tutorial suggestion....I have GSP 4.05 and it doesn't have Learning Center under Help. Any other place I could find the tutorials?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeacherJ View Post
    I have GSP 4.05 and it doesn't have Learning Center
    I recommend downloading Sketchpad 5 from the web site (www.keypress.com/gsp/download) and using Sketchpad 5 in evaluation mode to do the tutorials (Help | Using Sketchpad | Tutorials). A few of the tasks in the tutorials will relate to new Sketchpad 5 features, but probably 90% of what you do and learn will be useful with Sketchpad 4.

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