Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, I posted here on Sketch Exchange to let you know that Web Sketchpad now supports tools. I linked to an example that looked similar to what you’d see in desktop Sketchpad, with the basic geometry tools (point, straightedge, compass) available in a “web” sketch (Go here to view it: http://blog.keycurriculum.com/here-comes-construction/).

Now, I’d like to introduce something even more exciting. For those of you familiar with Sketchpad’s “custom” tools, you’ll know that these tools were not always easy for users to discover. If you created a square tool, for example, you’d need to hunt in the custom tool menu to locate it. As a result, a lot of users never realized that there were easy ways to construct a square, an ellipse, an algebra tile, etc., with just a few clicks of their mouse.

All of this has changed in Web Sketchpad. These custom tools can now be displayed directly in your sketch, with as much prominence as the basic geometry tools. As an example of this functionality, I’ve posted a web sketch that features polygon tools that you can use to construct tessellations. You can view it here: http://blog.keycurriculum.com/more-a...etchpad-tools/

What do you think? Would you be interested in using this functionality to build your own web sketches? Let me know in the comments section on our blog.