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Thread: Sketchpad Compatibility Questions

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    Sketchpad Compatibility Questions

    I was wondering if you can help me and direct me to someone who can answer my questions. I been on different websites related to Geometer's Sketchpad and tried several different "contact us" phone numbers and no one's been able to help me so far.

    My school purchased Geometer's Sketchpad (version 4.07) for our computer
    labs about 10 years ago. It's a non-expiring license and I've been using it
    every year with my students.

    However, our computer lab is now outdated and our school district is slowly
    transitioning to chromebooks. They will be getting rid of the old computers
    in the computer lab.

    I am wondering if there was a way to install Geometer's Sketchpad on to

    So far the answering I've been getting is that it is only compatible with PCs and MACs. The 2nd question I had is that if it is compatible with MACs, is there a Geometer's Sketchpad program for the iPAD. I know there's a Sketchpad App for iPads, which I've downloaded and tried myself, but that app is not the same as the program we've been using on the computer.

    Please help answer my questions, or direct me to someone who can answer them.
    Thank you.

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    Thanks for writing to us.

    It is currently not possible to install Sketchpad on a Chromebook. We realize, however, that Chromebooks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for schools. In the future, this may well affect the decisions we make regarding Sketchpad's availability on various platforms.

    Currently, we have a project underway to develop a web-based version of Sketchpad. You can view examples of Web Sketchpad on our blog at http://blog.keycurriculum.com. These examples, since they run entirely on the web without a need for desktop Sketchpad, are viewable on a Chromebook. We are currently working to add construction capabilities to Web Sketchpad because, as you note, Sketchpad without construction is not really Sketchpad.

    I will post more news on Sketch Exchange as our work continues.

    Best regards,

    Daniel Scher

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