Our group would sincerely appreciate it if the next version of Sketchpad would be capable of exporting Sketchpad documents as iBook widgets. It seems as if it would not be a very difficult modification, as it is simple to send a Sketchpad document to the Sketchpad Explorer app in iOS. However, it would have huge implications.

As you probably know, the move to one-to-one technology is growing fast. Maine is pretty much one-to-one now and Florida should be there next year. One of the most interesting developments is open source textbooks (i.e. http://www.ck12.org). Teachers are able to create their own math textbooks. It would be phenomenal if we could use the power of Sketchpad to create our own interactive widgets inside of these open source textbooks.

Secondly, we would appreciate it if you would put a native URL into the code of Sketchpad Explorer so we could link to it within our textbooks. Here is an article about how to code URL schemes. It is pretty simple, as we have had our students coding schemes into apps they are creating for our center. (http://iosdevelopertips.com/cocoa/la...rl-scheme.html)

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.