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Thread: File won't load

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    File won't load

    I'm not able to upload my file. Keep getting error message saying missing file. The file C:\fakepath\5.4 Ipad Investigation.gsp seems to be empty. Can anyone help?

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    I also cannot upload to Sketch Exchange. Scott's post from 20 Nov states that this issue is being worked on. Any estimate of when uploading will again be possible? This month, or probably not until January?

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    I still cannot upload to Sketch Exchange from either a Mac (Safari) or a Win7 PC (IE). I also get the message that the "fakepath seems to be empty". Any workarounds for this issue? I see that some new sketches have been uploaded, so any details of what browser or OS that are being used successfully would be welcome.

    Is anyone working to fix it?

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    For the record, it appears that the uploading problem developed sometime in December 2013 and was fixed by January 15, 2014. I personally don't know any more about the nature of the problem, and I'm sorry that neither I nor anyone else posted on this thread when the problem was fixed. Since I'm no longer working at McGraw-Hill Education, I will be in touch with my contacts there to recommend that they make sure someone is monitoring the Sketch Exchange forum.

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