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Thread: Upload Issues

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    Upload Issues

    We've recently encountered some issues with our web services affecting users' ability to upload files to Sketch Exchange. We're working hard to find the source of the problem and resolve it. I will post again here as soon as we've fixed the upload issue.


    This problem was fixed some time ago, and I was remiss in not posting again. Check out the Library tab; there are lots of interesting new sketches that have been uploaded!
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    I used to use Sketchpad very easily before. Now I cannot access any resource. What happened with Sketchpad? Why would we still be paying subscription if the service has been out of functional service for at least four months? I tried to use it since July. Impossible. It is a lot of professional development/resource search time that I spent as a teacher, and it ended in waste time. I feel that the three last years were a loss of time. Thank you, Sketchpad!

    Veronica Ocampo

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    Dear Veronica,
    It does appear that the Sketchpad Resource Center is malfunctioning. I don't know what the nature of the problem is, but I will report this issue to technical support immediately, and I'm confident that they will take the problem very seriously and fix it quickly. It seems that the problem you're reporting affects both the main Sketchpad Resource Center (www.dynamicgeometry.com) and the Learning Center (learningcenter.dynamicgeometry.com). I don't think it affects the Reference Center (referencecenter.dynamicgeometry.com), which seems to be working correctly.

    What resources were you attempting to use? There may be some resources I can figure out how to get to you directly, even before the site is fixed.


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    Dear Veronica,
    Here's a quick update: I've heard from our lead software engineer, who's already taken a look at the website problem and will get the web expert working on it on Monday. Both he and I find the website issues are erratic; things work properly for a while, and then you click the link for one page and end up on another. However, I have been able to access the tutorials, the sample activities, and a number of other resources without difficulty. You said that you "cannot access any resource," which sounds much more serious than anything I have observed. Can you give me more information on exactly what resources you have not been able to access? Or are you perhaps experiencing a problem with your Sketchpad license code? Have you tried the Tech Support item in Sketchpad's Help menu? The problem you're experiencing sounds much more like a tech support issue than an issue for the Sketch Exchange forum.
    I look forward to finding out more details from you. (You can reach me more quickly by emailing me: stek@geometricfunctions.org.)

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