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Thread: Organizing Dynamic Number Activities for iPad

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    Organizing Dynamic Number Activities for iPad

    Kathy Boyle responded to the announcement about the Dynamic Number activities and included a question. I'm repeating her question in this forum, and I'll give one possible answer in the next post.

    The dynamic number activities are awesome! I used the Dynamic Number Grids - Multiples and Patterns with a 4th grade class and I loved how it challenged them to think. I introduced the cross number puzzes to a 2nd grade class with the hope that they will now do this activity on the Ipads in pairs. My question is is it possible to have an icon for a specific sketch so that students don't have to open Sketchpad on the iPads, go to the lower right corner, and find the sketch in the library. That is daunting for 2nd graders!
    Thanks so much.

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    Organizing Dynamic Number Activities for iPad

    When I checked with Kathy, she was particularly interested in organizing the sketches that appear in the library (the list that appears when you click the book icon at the bottom right of the screen). Kathy supports elementary teachers and wanted to organize them for Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, etc. but the same method would work to organize different sets of sketches for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, etc. This method is based on the fact that you can control the contents of the Networked Documents portion of the library.

    As an example, I added several files to my DropBox to specify a customized set of Networked Documents. I included all of the iPad-compatible sketches from the first two Dynamic Number collections: the Addition & Subtraction collection and the Multiplication collection.

    You can see my custom set by pressing the Settings icon on your iPad home screen and then scrolling down to the SketchExplorer settings. Make note of the original RDB URL, which is normally this:
    Then replace it with this one:

    After you make this change, the list of Networked Documents will be
    Addition & Subtraction
    Standard Documents

    Click either of the first two choices to see the corresponding iPad-compatible sketches, or click "Standard Documents" to see the normal set of documents.

    You can use your browser to view and copy the contents of each of the three files that I used to create the three lists:

    To modify one of these the files for your own purpose, view and copy it from your browser window, paste it into a text editor, customize it, and then save it in your own DropBox or in some other web location that you have access to.

    For more technical details, and a more complete example, consult the Sketchpad Reference Center. From the desktop version of Sketchpad, choose Help | Reference Center, click Search in the navigation pane on the left, and search for "rdb".

    If you have further questions, post them on this thread and I'll do my best to answer them.

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