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Thread: Dynamic Number Activities Are Available

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    Dynamic Number Activities Are Available

    The dynamicnumber.org site is now available with 70 free Sketchpad activities developed in the course of the NSF-funded Dynamic Number Project. (These activities make it easy and intuitive for students to manipulate a variety of numeric and algebraic models in eight areas:
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Early Algebra and Logical Thinking
    • Multiples and Factors
    • Fractions
    • Decimals and Place Value
    • Algebra
    • Geometric Functions
    For each activity on the site, you'll find a brief description, a video preview, extensive teacher notes, and (as appropriate) a student worksheet and sketch. All of the activities are available under a Creative Commons license, and are ready to use with your students. Many of the activities are specifically marked as appropriate for use with Sketchpad Explorer on the iPad.

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    Bunny Times is a new activity, just added to dynamicnumber.org. Here's the description from the web site:

    Bunny Times is a multi-level Sketchpad game that features compelling graphics and animation. It presents a visual and interactive approach for children to learn, with understanding, the multiplication facts 2 × 2 through 12 × 12. Multiplication statements are represented in the context of carrots in a field, with a statement like 3 × 4 shown as four rows of three carrots each.

    In the early levels of the game, children control the hops of a single bunny, telling it how many carrots are available to eat. In later levels, teams of bunnies hop in unison, and children are able to split the teams in ways that make it easier to determine the total number of carrots.

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    The dynamic number activities are awesome! I used the Dynamic Number Grids - Multiples and Patterns with a 4th grade class and I loved how it challenged them to think. I introduced the cross number puzzes to a 2nd grade class with the hope that they will now do this activity on the Ipads in pairs. My question is is it possible to have an icon for a specific sketch so that students don't have to open Sketchpad on the iPads, go to the lower right corner, and find the sketch in the library. That is daunting for 2nd graders!
    Thanks so much.

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    Hi Kathy,
    I've posted a response to your question in the iPad forum. I think other users are more likely to find the information there.

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