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    Lesson Link

    I'm trying to put together a budget for next year and it appears that it is not possible to renew the lesson link service. Does anyone know what happened or a thorough replacement service?


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    We are not taking new subscriptions or activating renewals for Sketchpad LessonLink at this time; however, current subscriptions are still supported.

    Note that all of the Sketchpad LessonLink activities are available in printed modules:

    You can order the modules directly from McGraw-Hill Education.

    Each module contains a URL that enables you to download the sketches for that module's activities.

    Thanks for the inquiry!


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    Nov 2010
    Houston, TX
    What does this mean for the long term of Sketchpad Lesson Link? Will the service eventually be going away? Or merging with Exchange?
    Amber M. Smith
    Secondary Math Curriculum Technology Coach
    Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

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    Oh how my colleagues and I miss lesson link!!! PLEASE bring this service back (and soon!). Thank you.
    C. LaRoche
    The Ellis School
    Pittsburgh, PA

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