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Thread: Custom tool use on an iPad

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    Custom tool use on an iPad

    Is it possible to put an action button or the like to initiate a custom tool on sketch pad explorer for the iPad?

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    Hi Lucia,

    No, you can't use a custom tool with Sketchpad Explorer. You can certainly include any desired action buttons, so you can use a Hide/Show button to show any construction that you like, but that works only to show something that you've already created and then hidden in the sketch.

    We have had many requests for the use of construction tools, both for the built-in tools (compass, straightedge, etc.) and for custom tools. This represents not only a development challenge, but also a design challenge for a number of reasons. I can't say anything more at this time, because it's our policy not to make public statements about ongoing development efforts until we're reasonably confident of a specific release schedule. When we do have an statement to make about any coming Sketchpad project, we will most certainly announce it here on Sketch Exchange.


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    Thanks Scott. Will wait in anticipation.

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