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Thread: Animate button - once only - without returning to start position?

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    Animate button - once only - without returning to start position?


    I am creating a sketch which includes several animated components. I want to animate them sequentially creating the appearance of a chain reaction.

    I am using a presentation button which activates several animation buttons sequentially. The problem I am facing is that I want each animation to happen exactly once and to stop in its final position.

    I have the animation button properties set to "once only." The animation occurs and then resets back to the initial position. Is there a way to create a button which performs the animation once but leaves it resting in the final position?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Margaret,

    Animation buttons tend to treat "once only" as "one full tour," meaning they usually return things to exactly where they started. For more of a "go from HERE ... to THERE" logic, you might want to try Movement buttons instead. They points from a well-defined source (wherever they are when the button starts) to a specific destination (set by another point), at a variety of speeds including "instant." So a frequent technique is to combine two movement buttons into a sequential presentation. The first moves point X to START, instantly. The second advances point X to END, slowly. Regardless of where point X is, pressing this sequential presentation button will cause X to jump to START and then tour START -> END.

    Less well known about Move Buttons is that if the point you ask to move (point X in the prev example) is a point on a curve, it will make its way toward END---or as close as it can get to END---by touring the shortest distance it can find toward END along its curve. So you can cause points to move on circles, arcs, function plots, even along portions of the perimeter of an arbitrary polygon using Move Buttons too, not just free points.

    Good luck,

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    As a relative beginner I found the constraints of animation options somewhat annoying to my requirements.
    Thank for clarifying the difference between movement and animation buttons.

    Kind regards

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