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Thread: Keeping measurement with segment

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    Keeping measurement with segment

    I have many sketches where I have segments that move. I can find the measure, but it is just stationary along the sides or top. I downloaded a sketch that has measurements that move with the segments. They are attached to the midpoint of the segments. The midpoint has the segment as parent and the label with the measure as children. How can I do this?

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    The basic trick is to merge the measurement to a point. Select the measurement and the point, press Shift, and then from the Edit Menu, choose Merge Text to Point. You may want to translate the midpoint of the segment and merge the text to the translation so that the text doesn't sit right on top of the segment.

    Happy sketching,


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    Elizabeth has explained well how to attach a distance measurement to the midpoint of a segment. But sometimes you want the length of a segment to be displayed just to the side of the segment, not directly on it. (And you don't always want it on the same side!) To solve this, I've built a custom tool that attaches the distance measurement to a point within a hidden rectangle extending equally to either side of the segment. (I even made the rectangle wider when the segment is vertical, leaving more room to avoid the measurement overlapping the segment.)

    Similarly, sometimes you want an angle measurement displayed in the interior of an angle, either closer to or farther from the vertex depending on the size of the angle and the font size of the measurement. Also, you sometimes want to display the coordinates of a point next to the point, so that they stay with the point when you drag it. I created similar custom tools for these purposes.

    I've just uploaded these tools to Sketch Exchange. You'll find them here:


    I hope they prove useful.

    Happy sketching,

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    Thank you both so much. I have tried what you have suggested Elizabeth and it works great. I will try your tool as well Scott.

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    A Sketchpad user suggested to me today that it would be useful to be able to attach coordinate distance measurements to a segment, just as my previously uploaded tools allow you to attach normal distance measurements. I've now added such a tool, and updated the Attached Measurements toolkit:


    Happy sketching,

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