A lot of the time you might not be able to explain what you want to point out in a long explanation in GSP. So I made a way to automatically explain sketches to people so they get your message. Note: A small bit of coding knowledge is required but I will paste pseudo-code in so it is easier for people who don't know how to code.

  1. Go to "Edit > Action Buttons > Link"
  2. Replace the URL in the input box with the desired location of the file that will auto explain the sketch. Use file:// if the file is in the same folder as the sketch, use file:/// if it isn't
  3. Open your favorite coding/scripting program and type the following:

x=msgbox("The button you just pressed will explain this sketch",0+64,"Alert")
x=msgbox("As you can see, the main point of the Pythagorean Theorem is that a squared plus b squared equals c squared",0+64,"Alert")

Save it as the file name.vbs you routed your link button to in the same folder the link button points to as.

You can replace the text with what you want as long as you leave the quotes, commas, spaces between commas and parentheses alone. If you know more advanced VBScript skills you can include those too. One such thing would be the function WScript.Sleep (number of milliseconds of delay before the next message box for explanation without parentheses).

I hope this helps you all and good luck making your sketches. Reply if you have questions.