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Thread: differeential equations construction

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    differeential equations construction

    Hi - I can't figure out if this is the way to submit a construction. I have 3 on the solutions to certain differential equations I want to submit and have attached below. Please advise if there is a better or different method to put these out there for review or comment

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    Hi Steve,

    These are very nice! You could certainly post them as they are. I have two suggestions for you that might make them more useful to many users.
    (1) Put all three into a single sketch, as different pages. I think many will be interested in the different approaches that you've taken and how you relate them, so it helps to keep them together. You might even add a title page with a brief description of each approach.
    (2) Make the pages smaller. Not many users have 1920-pixel-wide monitors; in fact many still use screens that are 1024 pixels wide. I often expand my sketches as I work on them, but then rearrange and reduce sizes as necessary to fit into a window of about 960 by 720 pixels. (The Dilation Arrow tool is useful for shrinking geometric objects. Although the Dilation Arrow also brings text objects closer together, you'll have to use Display | Text | Decrease Size to shrink the text objects themselves.)

    I hope these suggestions may be useful to you, and I look forward to seeing your sketches posted.

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