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Thread: How can I animate the steps of a construction, step by step?

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    How can I animate the steps of a construction, step by step?

    I want to be able to step through a construction in a step by step fashion. I'm thinking of the equivalent to the ability to do custom animation "builds" in Powerpoint.

    For example, could I demonstrate the construction of a square step by step simply by "recording" the construction sequence and then playing it back by hitting the space bar to advance step by step. Bonus points for being able to display a different text box description for each step, eg "Now draw a circle at point A with point B on the circumference."

    From what I can tell, the animation capability in GPS5 only works for a completed construction. It does NOT animate the step by step building of the construction.


    -- Nick

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    Hi Nick,
    You raise a nice question, one that has two rather different answers.

    Play a Custom Tool construction step by step.
    1. Perform the construction you want to demonstrate. When you're finished, select the final result (including the Given objects) and turn it into a tool.
    2. Show the Script View of your tool.
    3. On a new page, or in a different sketch, create the required Given objects.
    4. Two buttons appear at the bottom of the Script View: Next Step and All Steps. The first step of the script is highlighted.
    5. Click Next Step repeatedly. With each click, the highlighted step of the construction is completed, and the highlight moves to the following step.
    6. Even an object that will eventually be hidden appears at this stage of the construction. These objects are hidden only when you reach the end of the script.

    Animate the construction using Presentation buttons
    I've made a sample sketch showing this technique. You can find it here:

    In that sample sketch, I also show how to make a bulleted list in such a way that clicking a bullet reveals its corresponding list item.

    I hope this is useful.

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    Hi Scott,

    Kindly inform for creating presentation buttons what all should be selected in order to animate all steps from Show script box one by one. I have performed steps from 1 to 6 as per the thread above but unable to create button.


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    Hi Vijay,
    Actually, these are two very different methods. Steps 1 to 6 (for Play a Custom Tool Step by Step) is a way to see the construction one step at a time, but there is no way to turn these six steps into a Presentation button.

    I provide an example of creating buttons to show the steps of a construction in my sample sketch (http://sketchexchange.keypress.com/s...-using-bullets). This sample shows the finished result on page 1, and then describes how to make it on page 2. The method I used can also be adapted to using bullets (like "•" or "◼") to hide or show captions or other parts of a sketch. Page 3 contains an example of doing so, and on the last page I've collected a number of useful bullet shapes.

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