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Thread: Dilate, then hide original?

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    Dilate, then hide original?

    I have a question from a customer who is looking to dilate an entire sketch, then hide the original. The dilation is easy enough, and if we copy/ paste, the original is not included. But is there any way to dilate and then hide the original objects?

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    Hi Aaron,

    The quick answer is "yes, you can select all the original objects, create a Hide/Show action button, then dilate them, and finally press the action button to hide the original objects."

    But whether this is the best answer may depend on the purpose. Is the purpose to zoom a sketch to a larger size to fill a larger window, to be able to stretch/shrink the construction dynamically by changing a scale factor, or some other objective? (For instance, to dilate a construction to fill a larger window, it's often better to select all of the objects in the sketch and use the Dilation Arrow to dilate the original objects themselves.)

    By the way, when you copy and paste related transformed objects, the result does include any unselected parent objects required to preserve the relationship. For instance, construct a segment and dilate it. Then select the dilated segment along with its endpoints, copy, and paste. The pasted objects include not only the segment, but also the endpoints of the original segment and the center point of dilation. They are included because otherwise the relationship between the dilated endpoints and the dilated segment would not be preserved when you paste.


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