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Thread: How to add a construction to tool folder menu permanently?

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    How to add a construction to tool folder menu permanently?

    Hi all, new to sketchpad so bear with me ...

    I've constructed a regular pentagon and have it saved for future use. I've popped it in the tool folder menu but it only stays there in the document I have it open in - as soon as I open a new blank document it is no longer there. Pure laziness but rather than have to open my saved document and copy the pentagon over whenever I want to use it, I'd love to have it in the tool folder menu permanently so that I can call it up at the click of a button. I've gone through the tutorials and I'm pretty sure it's possible as I've managed to save a square construction permanently in the tool folder menu but for some reason I can't get it to work with this pentagon. I've saved it in the tool folder on my hard drive and that hasn't helped.

    Put me out of my misery?

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    Hi Pico,

    After you save the .gsp document containing your pentagon tool into your Tool Folder, you will need to quit and restart Sketchpad for that tool to appear in your Custom Tools menu. If you've already restarted Sketchpad and this didn't work, could you let me know which version of Sketchpad you have? Sketchpad 5 works slightly differently than Sketchpad 4 because you specify which folder to use as your Tool Folder.

    I hope this helps!


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    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your reply. My internet's been broken for a few days so sorry for the late reply.

    I have restarted sketchpad and it's still not coming up. Although like I say, the first time I set up my custom tools folder I was doing the tutorial where you make a square and save it to your custom tools folder, and that all worked fine and the square is still in the custom tools menu ... it's just not working when I repeat the process for a different construction. I'm using 5.05 so have specified my tool folder and saved the pentagon into that.


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    It's a bit hard to tell what's going on, but I'll do my best and give you some resources that might help.

    First, I just want to confirm that you constructed a regular pentagon, saved it asa Custom tool with a name like "Regular Pentagon", and then saved the .gsp document containing that Regular Pentagon tool into your designated Tool Folder. When you open the folder your Tool Folder, you should see (at least) three Sketchpad documents: Example Tools.gsp (tools that populate your Custom Tools folder automatically), the .gsp document containing your Square tool, and the .gsp document containing your Pentagon tool.

    For example, I have designated a folder called Sketchpad 5 Tools to be my Tool Folder, and I have saved a Sketchpad document containing a regular hexagon Custom tool. Here's a picture of what my Custom Tools Menu looks like in Sketchpad and what my folder contains. (You can click to enlarge it, and note that I am on a Mac so your view may differ.)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Custom Tools.jpg
Views:	490
Size:	78.4 KB
ID:	253

    If this doesn't mesh with what you are seeing, I'd recommend watching one or both of these two Tip videos. From the Sketchpad Help menu, choose Learning Center | Using Sketchpad | Sketchpad Tips. Watch the Creating Custom Tools and Using the Tool Folder Tip videos or take a look at the Tip sheets. (Don't worry, they are short and to the point!) You can also access the videos through YouTube at these links:

    Creating Custom Tools

    Using the Tool Folder

    Sorry, long answer! If this doesn't resolve things, please let me know, and attach the sketch with the Pentagon tool.



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    Hi, again sorry for being lame about replying!

    I have those 3 documents saved to my tools folder exactly as you describe. The example tools show up in sketchpad, the square shows up in sketchpad, but the pentagon doesn't :s

    I will look at the youtube videos when I get a chance and hopefully that will shed some light.

    But just in case I've attached the pentagon file (or at least tried to .. not done this before):

    Regular Pentagon.gsp

    Thanks again for all your help!

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    Hmmm .. I just made another thing for my tool folder and I've noticed that when I try to save it in the tool folder it doesn't let me - it gives me a list of about 10 places on my hard drive to save it, and I have to choose from that list. Then I drag it into my tool folder. It makes sense to me that it's the process of saving it directly into the tools folder that marks it out as a tool, so maybe this is why it's not coming up? But I can't save directly into the tool folder as it doesn't seem to be an option! Grrrrr!!!

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    Hi Pico,

    The document you attached doesn't contain any Custom Tools. After you construct your regular pentagon, you then need to save that construction as a Custom Tool. To do so, you'll need to select the Pentagon in your sketch and choose Create New Tool from the Custom Tools menu.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Pentagon_Custom.jpg
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Size:	12.4 KB
ID:	255

    However, I tried this and the tool didn't work as expected. I tried looking at all of the hidden items in your construction, and WOW––there is a lot going on there! It might be easiest to rebuild your pentagon, and try to avoid having extraneous objects in the construction. Then select the whole pentagon and try making the custom tool again. When you are happy with the custom tool, then save the .gsp document into your designated Custom Tool folder. (Note: I don't think the issue you mention in the next post relates to Sketchpad functionality, although I could be wrong. I think it is a permissions issue. You should be able to save a .gsp document anywhere that you can save any other kind of document on your computer.)

    I hope this helps!


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