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Thread: Blinking objects

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    Blinking objects

    Is there a way to make objects blink in GSP5?

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    Yes, there are probably a number of ways to do this. A sketch that has some very beautiful blinking lights is: http://sketchexchange.keypress.com/s...derland-lights

    I made a much simpler blinking circle by coloring the interior of the circle parametrically and then animating the parameter over a restricted domain. If I use the parameter as is, the circle "blinks" from orange to pink. However, I also created a calculation of 1/(parameter). When I use that calculation to color the second circle parametrically, then it "blinks" from orange to [no color], which might be more what you have in mind.


    This is the first solution that came to mind for me, but I'd love to see other ideas!

    Happy sketching,


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    Another thing worth mentioning: In Sketchpad 5, when an object is referred to in a caption via 'Hot Text,' the object in the sketch will blink. To create a Hot Text caption, simply create a caption with the text tool and while editing, click on an object to add a reference to it.

    This may be of use to you.


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    Hi Aaron,

    There's one more technique, illustrated on page 2 of the attached sketch: BlinkingCircle2.gsp. (Page 1 is Elizabeth's excellent solution, as she posted it earlier in this thread.) This technique uses the Existence Tools to make a copy of the circle that depends on a parameter value. When the original circle is hidden and the parameter is animated between 0 and 1, the copy of the circle appears and disappears.

    The Existence Tools are available here on Sketch Exchange: http://sketchexchange.keypress.com/s...and-text-tools

    I hope this is useful.
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