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Thread: 3D Figure Exporting

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    Question 3D Figure Exporting

    I'm interested in developing 3D figures in Geometer's Sketchpad and then exporting them for 3D printing.

    Does Geometer's Sketchpad have any "3D file" exporting (such as .stl, etc.) capabilities?

    I'm using version 5.00. Thank you.

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    3D Figure Exporting

    Hi latourmt,

    Sketchpad has no built-in 3D capabilities, either for viewing or exporting, but there are several toolkits that allow you to create 3D views. For instance, here's a sketch I built to show a 3D wireframe of a solid of revolution:

    I used Paul Kunkel's Perspective Tools to make the 3D view:

    I added a circle that shows the cross-section of the solid at any desired height along the z-axis. This cross-section could be used with the liquid-polymer printing technique described in the September 2012 Mathematics Teacher [Poetzel, Muskin, Munroe, and Russel. "3D Printing: A Journey in Visualization"].

    Happy Sketching,
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