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Thread: Black background possible for visually impaired

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    Black background possible for visually impaired

    A visually impaired student now has GSP-5 on a desktop that I've taken to school for him. I've loaded up GSP-5 from my license on it.

    Can the background be made black? He sees best white or yellow on black. Everything else is a struggle.

    If this is not possible, can you create a code to alter the program and send it to me to install inside my computer at school? No one else will benefit from this. Just a bright math kid who has both cerebral palsy and limited sight.

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    Hi Suz,

    You can set the preferences so that the background is dark and points and lines are large and white or yellow. You can also set the default fonts to be larger and white or yellow. You can set these to be the default preferences for just one sketch or for future sketches. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences to see these options. You can also set the magnetism of the Selection Arrow to be stronger so that your student doesn't have to click precisely on the object to select it.

    I'm attaching a sketch in which I have set the Preferences to have a black background and light, large points, lines, and plots. I hope this gives you a good starting point!

    Black Background.gsp


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