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Thread: Enlarge arrow inside GSP-5 --- is this possible?

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    Enlarge arrow inside GSP-5 --- is this possible?

    A visually impaired student uses GSP-5 on a desktop that I've taken to school for him. I've loaded up GSP-5 from my license on it.

    The arrow (pointer) in Windows is huge and works on GSP-5's menu & commands (left), but not on the "paper" where we make constructions. Can it be enlarged for him to see it?

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    Hi Suz,

    I recently heard from another teacher who uses a magnifying feature within Windows to make Sketchpad and other software more accessible for a visually-impaired student. Here's one helpful link for Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308978

    I don't think that you can specifically increase the cursor size within Sketchpad, but one of the developers will chime in if I'm wrong about this. I think using the Accessibility settings within Windows is your best bet.

    Please reply if this doesn't address your student's needs and we'll keep thinking about this!



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