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Thread: Sketch Exchange New Features Beta Release Friday July 27

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    Sketch Exchange New Features Beta Release Friday July 27

    We have implemented some new features in Sketch Exchange: Search, the ability to create a My Favorites collection, and more flexible use of the Grade and Topic filters. These features are live, but we are still testing and tweaking, so please excuse any glitches!

    If you encounter any error messages, broken links, unacceptable slowness, or other issues, please email us a description of the problem: sketchexchange@keypress.com.

    It will be extremely helpful if you include your browser, OS, and details about what you were doing when you encountered the problem.

    We hope you enjoy the new features!

    Happy sketching,

    The Sketch Exchange Team

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    Note to posters: you may see some of your older resources popping to the front of the Library. I'm editing and adding tags to make it easier to locate certain types of resources. I'm not editing any sketches or other attached materials.

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