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Thread: How do I construct an arc sector of a circle (a slice of pizza shape)

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    How do I construct an arc sector of a circle (a slice of pizza shape)

    Dear Sketchers,

    I want to use the area of a sector equation, so I need to be able to construct a polygon from a central angle of the circle that goes along the circumference of the circle. So far I have only been able to construct a triangle from the center point and the 2 points on the circumference of the circle.

    In the reference center, it says

    Use Construct | Arc Interior | Arc Sector to construct the sector interior of each selected arc. An arc sector is bounded by the arc and by the radii to the two endpoints of the arc.

    I am using version 5.04 and there is no "Arc Interior" choice under hte Construct menu.


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    1.) Construct a circle.
    2.) Construct two radii.
    3.) Construct the arc on the circle. (To do this, first click the points on the circumference of the circle going counterclockwise followed by the circle itself and then under the construct menu choose arc on circle.)
    4.) Make sure only the arc on the circle you just constructed is selected and go to construct and choose arc interior followed by arc sector. When you go down to arc interior you will see a right arrow that will allow you to choose either arc sector or arc segment in a sub-menu.

    If the whole circle is selected then it will construct the entire circle interior. If you just click the circle twice it will select the arc and not the entire circumference. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks! It worked! Yay!

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