After you create an Exchange Key, you will be able to access the sketches in your My Favorites collection directly from Sketchpad. (This feature is only available with Sketchpad version 5.05, a free upgrade for Sketchpad 5 users. From Sketchpad, choose Help | Check for Updates to upgrade.)

In the Library, click on the heart icon to add activities to your My Favorites collection.

In the My Favorites tab, create a personal Exchange Key. The Exchange Key must be between 6 and 32 characters and cannot begin or end with a space. Certain special characters are excluded from the first character (#, *, or !).

To access your My Favorites sketches from Sketchpad, choose File | Sketchpad Sketch Exchange from Sketchpad version 5.05.

In the dialog box that appears, enter your Exchange Key. (You can copy and paste from Sketch Exchange if you like.)

Choose from the list of sketches that appear, and the sketch will open in a new Sketchpad window.