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Thread: Working with functions and parameters

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    Working with functions and parameters

    problem sketch.gsp
    I've been trying to teach myself how to use Sketchpad & going to the Tuesday webinars, but I'm stuck and need a bit of help.

    I've used the getting started tutorial and thought I understood how to create a new function. When I use Plot Function and enter the equation from the class textbook, it appears correctly. The problem I run into is when I try to make "x" into a parameter.

    I define a parameter. When I edit the function, substituting the newly made parameter into the function, it stops recognizing the function. So if I had f(x)=2*x, and now my parameter is x=3, it plots only the x=6.

    I tried to attach my sketch(which is very basic) to see if you can help me find my mistake or help me understand where my thinking going awry. I thank you for all your help.

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    What's happened is that you are graphing a constant function because you've replaced the variable x with a number. So when you have f(x) = 2*x and x = 3, your function is f(x) = 6. Instead of replacing the variable x with the parameter, try replacing the coefficient a in f(x) = a*x with a parameter. Then as you change the parameter value, the coefficient will change. I've modified your sketch to show an example.

    problem sketch_help.gsp

    Hope this helps!


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