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Thread: How to teach addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions using GSP?

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    Question How to teach addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions using GSP?

    I saw one 'Make fraction' tool on this community which could construct any fraction and resemble it in a circle.
    Thinking on the same grounds I am looking forward for a sketch that can help students to learn addition and subtraction of fractions both like and unlike??

    If anyone has such sketches kindly let me know..
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    Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    Hi Vicky,

    I lead the Dynamic Number project at KCP Technologies (the software development arm of Key Curriculum). We developed the "Make Your Own Fraction" activities you describe in your post.

    We have another collection of activities that focuses on fraction addition and subtraction with like and unlike denominators. Rather than use an area model of fractions, these addition and subtraction models represent fractions as lengths on a number line.

    A student might, for example, construct segments of length 1/4 and 2/5 and place them end to end on a number line to represent 1/4 + 2/5. (Building the fractions is easy—just select a numerator and a denominator, and you'll create a segment with the desired fractional length.) The student might then convert 1/4 to 5/20 and 2/5 to 8/20 and build the fractions again on a second number line, this time representing the sum as 5/20 + 8/20.

    You'll find a whole collection of fraction activities from the Dynamic Number project here. I encourage you to peruse the other activities we have available on our website and to make suggestions for any new activities you might like to see.



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