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Thread: Sketchpad Activities: Differentiation and Scaffolding

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    Sketchpad Activities: Differentiation and Scaffolding

    For quite some time, I've been thinking about the Sketchpad activities that I create for students, and how to accommodate not just the variety of students' mathematical abilities and background, but also the various levels of Sketchpad expertise.

    As an experiment, I've created four versions of the same activity on circles, angles, and arcs. The four versions (available on our Sine of the Times blog) are designed for students with different familiarity with Sketchpad and with different needs for specific support in the course of doing the activity.

    I’d appreciate comments, from students and teachers alike, on the value and feasibility of this approach of providing several different versions of an activity.

    If you’re a student, which of the four versions is most appropriate for you? How can the format encourage you to try a higher-level version first, so that you’re really challenged? How much help is it to know that you can drop back to a lower-level version if you need the extra support?

    If you’re a teacher, which of these four variations would be useful for your range of students? How can you imagine presenting this activity in a way that encourages students to try the more challenging level first, only dropping back to a less-challenging version if necessary? Does the availability of all four versions make it too attractive for students to take the easy way out?

    I will be grateful for any and all comments you care to send me.

    --Scott (stek@kcptech.com)
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