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  1. Archived Talk: Visualizing Change--Calculus Activities for The Geometer's Sketchpad
  2. Archived Talk: Functional Relationships in Sketchpad Constructions
  3. Archived Talk: Dynamic Manipulation of Mathematical Objects
  4. Archived Talk: GSP4--Dynamic Geometry Across the Curriculum
  5. Archived Talk: Exploración, Visualización, y Demonstración
  6. Archived Talk: Iteration Through the Math Curriculum
  7. Archived Talk: Sketchpad Activities for the First Week of Calculus
  8. Archived Talk: Sketchpad for Young Learners--Grades 3-5
  9. Archived Paper: Visualizing Complex Functions with The Geometer's Sketchpad
  10. Joint Mathematics Meeting 2004 Sketchpad User Group
  11. NCTM 2004 Annual Meeting Report
  12. Archived Talk: Using The Geometer's Sketchpad with Elementary and Middle School
  13. Archived Talk: Iterated Functions in Precalculus
  14. Archived Talk: Sketchpad Activities for Young Learners in Hong Kong
  15. Archived Talk: Voyages Beyond the Geometric Plane--Advanced Explorations
  16. Archived Talk: Tessellations & Islamic Art
  17. Joint Mathematics Meeting 2005 Sketchpad User Group
  18. NCTM 2005 Annual Meeting Report
  19. Archived Talk: Go Deeper with Young Learners Using Sketchpad
  20. Archived Talk: Dynamic Algebra Software--Bringing Functions Alive with Sketchpad
  21. Joint Mathematics Meeting 2006 Sketchpad User Group
  22. NCTM 2006 Annual Meeting Report
  23. Archived Talk: Discrete Mathematics and Dynamic Geometry
  24. NCTM 2007 Annual Meeting Report
  25. MAA MathFest 2007 Annual Meeting Report
  26. Archived Talk: Do the Wave--Trigonometry Comes Alive with Sketchpad
  27. NCTM 2008 Annual Meeting Report
  28. NCTM 2009 Sketchpad User Group
  29. NCTM 2011 Sketchpad User Group